Warrandyte Police Station
Warrandyte Police Station was commissioned as one of a pair - two 16-hour stations in relative proximity to each other in Melbourne’s green belt bush suburbs of Warrandyte and Hurstbridge. With the same brief and two distinctive sites, our first step was to make a site-specific architecture using a generic program. We pursued an economical architecture to achieve two different personalities for these stations. The overall form of the building was afforded through a simple massaging of the program arrangement. Maintaining key functional relationships, we also achieved a form that responded to the adjacent conditions. The second step was to provide an identity with a luxurious face of lustrous green glazed bricks on an otherwise minimal concrete block shell. 16-hour stations are central to the local community. In our briefing, we understood them to be less about lock-up and more as a day to day guardian of the neighbourhood. We chose to present the police force as less formidable, resisting the typically fortress-like language of other stations, while maintaining a civic presence. Instead, Warrandyte is almost anthropomorphic, with its bent plan and green, furry skin. The station’s figurative quality is perhaps what endears it to its local community. The ramp is a welcoming gesture to the street, while the generous interior spaces offer a sense of home for all users. The kink in the plan twists the building’s face toward the main street to the north. It also defines a garden on the street. The green bricks register the suburb’s identity, dominated by bush landscape. Their glazed surface reflect the landscape and provide a backdrop for the indigenous planting of green and gold. There is a clear hierarchy to the elevations. The main façade suggests a sense of address and a face; the west façade incorporates timber louvers that shield against the afternoon light while capturing river and bush views for the workspaces behind. The northern elevation is the most domestic; modest and conventional, it is in-keeping with the hierarchy of facades. The articulated green façade is strategic in achieving an architectural richness, offset through an economy of means in conventional domestic construction for the building.


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