wan•der•lust [noun] /won•der•luhst/ – { to wander ( n ) to wander + Lust desire; see lust } an irresistibly strong desire or an impulse travel far away and explore different places. Wanderlust , as the name implies, was intended to stimulate our curiosity and sense of adventure. To shed all preconceptions of the expected. Open your mind and sense. And simply enjoy the journey as well as the surprises along the way. From the past { history } – The curious new development by hip hotelier Loh Lik Peng began its history in the 1920s as the Hong Wen School, where the building at No.2 Dickson Road still radiates an old-world charm with its original façade. Loh wanted tourists and locals to rediscover the enclave of Little India, an interesting and original district located just 10mins from the CBD, but so often overlooked. To the present { execution } – Wanderlust was designed by award winning agencies: Asylum, Phunk Studio and fFurious in collaboration with DP Architects. Meeting the Client’s brief, DPA designed 3 types of guestrooms, 11 small capsule rooms on 2nd Storey, 9 mid-size rooms on 3rd and 9 loft-rooms on 4th, taking full advantage of the double volume space. The hotel reception, lounge, 60-seater restaurant Cocotte and back-of-house are all located at 1st Storey, with a common roof garden and Jacuzzi on the 2nd Storey. Given amazing attention to details, each level has a distinctive theme by a different designer, providing each room with a different experience. Lv 1: Industrial Glam { Asylum } – [ a juxtaposition of the hotel’s contemporary design with its Little India setting. ] Industrial shades and designer furnishings adorn this floor, contrasting against colourful vintage objects. This design language extends to the restaurant, Cocotte. Lv2: Eccentricity { Phunk Studio } – [ playful and colourful. guests get one per room along with a song. ] A rainbow corridor leads to single hue rooms with bright neon playfully displaying apt song titles such as Yellow Submarine and Purple Rain. Theme continues outside onto a deck with a colourfully tiled Jacuzzi. Lv3: Is It Just Black and White? { DP Architects } – [ architects masquerading as graphic designers are inspired by paper. ] A black corridor leads to stark white rooms. Themes include Origami, where guests can paint the faceted walls and ceiling, and Pop-Art, with playfully animated stencil art scenes. Lv4: Creature Comforts { fFurious } – [ surreal. friendly monsters gladly share their rooms with guests ] Themes, Bling, ASCII, Space, Tree and Typewriter create a unique and surreal experience for guests. Rooms are double height with a loft typology, detailed from floor to ceiling. Back to the.. future? { vision } – With its quirky mix of the old, the new and the completely unexpected, Loh Lik Peng intended for Wanderlust to reignite a visitors passion to travel, explore, discover and, most importantly, have fun. Peering once more through the eyes of a child to see and experience things anew. The hotel’s location also serves as a springboard for tourists and locals to explore Little India. “Visitors or guests to Wanderlust and Cocotte will reconnect with a small part of their childhood and once again, be enchanted with what made them want to explore the world. I can still recall the sense of adventure. Fun and thrill of exploring the world when I first travelled as a child but as an adult, we get a little jaded. Sometimes, amazing things and original experiences get lost in the fog of our worldliness. With wanderlust, it is my attempt at making that adult world into a fun playground once again.” Loh Lik Peng


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