Walthamstow Pump House Museum
The Pump House Steam and Transport Museum is a museum in Walthamstow focusing on the pioneering achievements in road, rail, air and sea transport in the River Lea valley from the early 19th century. The aim of the museum is to show how the coming of the railways and the subsequent industrial development affected the Lea Valley area and its people. The museum is contained in and around Low Hall Pumping Station, a sewage pumping station dating from 1885, whose buildings are Grade II listed. A centrepiece of the museum is a pair of rare Marshall C class steam engines.

The Museum today
The museum is currently closed for redevelopment, although it is opened for a number of special events throughout the year. When fully reopened, the museum will be known as The Lea Valley Experience. At present, the trustees are awaiting funds before any news on likely reopening dates can be released. The official website currently had suggested an opening date of Summer 2008 for Phase One of the Lea Valley Experience.


Railway exhibits
The museum has a collection of various railway vehicles, which include:
  • BR Class 203 TRB 60750 from unit 1032
  • BR Class 207 DMBSO 60138 from unit 207013
  • BR Class 307 DBTSO 75023 from unit 307123
  • BR Class 308 BDTSO 75881 from unit 308136
  • London Underground CO/CP Stock DM no. 54256
  • London Underground R49 Stock DM no. 21147
  • London Underground 1967 Stock DM no. 3016
  • Krefeld ( Germany) DÜWAG tram no. 412 (metre gauge)

Bus exhibits
  • AEC Regal IV coach: RF 213
  • AEC Routemaster bus: RM 642
  • Leyland Fleetline bus: DMS 132