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Challenge: In the summer of 2011 the ONE PRIZE committee invited architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, and artists to propose ideas for the NYC Blue Network and the world's largest clean Tech Expo in 2014. The proposals needed to include linking the five boroughs with transit hubs, expanding waterborne transportation, providing in-water recreation, educational events, and cultural activities, and promoting climatic resilience.

Solution: The Walk On Water (W.O.W.) network is a series of floating and submersible pedestrian bridges that connect Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan across the East River.

In the short term (10-25 years) these connections will lead to an explosion of real estate development and wealth redistribution, revaluing land parcels along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts and creating economic incentive for dramatic edge-condition improvements along both sides oft he East River waterfronts. With the physical and psychological barrier of the East River removed, the skylines of Brooklyn and Queens would grow to equal that of Manhattan's.

In the long term (50-100 years) the vibrant water-born culture and infrastructure that develops along the W.O.W. connections will ease the inevitable transition Manhattan faces as the oceans rise and devour terra firma. The heart of NYC's culture and commerce will shift from the old (and flooded) terrestrial city to a new amphibious city made of flexible and forgiving connections between floating bridges, barges, boats, gardens, schools, stores, restaurants, homes, hotels, etc.

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