VR Museum King Power Complex

The VR Museum is part of a new cultural program for the King Power retail complex in Bangkok, Thailand.  It is located in a commercial space consisting of a 30-meter glass atrium dome. The gallery design, housing Buddhist statues and artifacts, is located along the perimeter of the ground floor of the atrium and is open to the public during regular hours.

Designers Architectkidd developed a strategy of 'deep' patterns for the architecture of the gallery. By projecting a diagonal grid on to the vertical solid surface that is also radial in plan, 'deep' patterns are formed for the architectural walls and partitions with continously variable thicknesses.  The design allows for varying levels of openness and privacy between the gallery and the commercial spaces, while maintaining a high level of integrity and consistency.

The 'constantly variable' design emerged while working within the constraints of the project and with the fabricators on the structure and construction. A singular system was needed in order to simplify the installation process, but at the same time, it had to be accumulative and assembled from small panels in order to generate the overall form.

The resulting 'Public Wall' is over 60 meters in length and wraps around the existing commercial space. Visitors experience the exhibition by walking around the enclosed circular pathway. The Public Wall, which changes in thickness from 40 centimeters to over 1 meter, creates a gallery space that is both uniform while incrementally shifting, expanding and contracting, reflecting a mediative sensibility of the Buddha relics housed inside.


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