Vitus Bering Innovation Park

Essentially this is a traditional concrete construction with a twisting decorative facade of industrial c-profile glass elements which spirals up the building. Inside there is a large atrium with bright green stairs and balconies highly visably.

The experience of being inside is one of light, space and freshness. For the Danish national architecture day in 2010 this project received the most votes by readers of the offical event website.

The first spadefull of earth (the Danish equivalent of laying the foundation stone) was moved in August 2008 and the project was officially opened in March 2010. It is build to the energy class known as Low Energi class 1 (lavenergiklasse 1 in Danish) which permits a maximum energy use of 50 kWh/m2 per annum while the building code requirement was 95 kWh/m2 per annum (in 2008).

The official website is which is currently (August 2011) only available in Danish but has some images of the project. They also have a facebook page at with further images.


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