Vita Polanco
Vita Polanco is a residential project in the Polanco neighborhood. Located on a 2,300 m2 property, it has 230 units on 15 floors, including a business center, an events salon, a gym, steam rooms and Jacuzzis, along with a swimming lane, jogging track, grilling and eating area and sunning area on the rooftop. The work combines stillness and lightness with orthogonal geometry and diagonal features emphasized by the light. Given the dimensions of the lot and its regulations, the volume is almost perfectly square. Thus, the central void forms a ring with a lighting-ventilation cube in the middle and all of the living areas on the perimeter, facing the three corridors. Balconies and pods confer the cube with a sense of dynamism. The balconies project out like a solid horizontal line that spans the two main façades and hover away from the block. In turn, the pods cover the horizontal blocks of the terraces like solid bodies located at strategic points. On the eighth floor there is a second body of pods that at the corners project out into a triangle-shaped terrace where the user of the gym can sit outside. The finishes on the main façade are made with Capri limestone, natural aluminum for the window frames, perforated metal made to look like light boxes for the balconies and pods and clear glass for the windows and railings. The rooftop areas combine Venetian mosaic on top of a teak deck with aluminum and glass accents. The base has diagonal wood lines sunk into the concrete that connect with the floor, thus integrating the building with the concrete from which it emerges.


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