Vita e Mare
The project to build will locate in KM+17+440 of the Tijuana-Ensenada freeway, in Tijuana Baja California, México. The delimited land extension is 10,068.62 m2, the project contemplates a 372 housing units developed in 23 levels, trowel from the ground level front towards the road, plus the main level, the difference in levels allows the project to have double and quadruple open level that generate feelings of high amplitude in certain areas. Due to the topography of the terrain, which descends to the sea front, allows several service levels that contain 2 and a half housing parking levels Access to the bottom floor and the beach level can be reach by the nuclei of elevators and stairs that connect each level by the outdoor stairs that are prepared in front of the set, allowing a route where will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at 100%. In the same way at this level take place the motor vehicle access and lobby area, and taxi areas of surveillance. In this case, the vehicular access is a great curve to almost the front of the property, which leads to the motor lobby and presence in addition to providing comfort and a generous storage area for vehicles to avoid vehicular conflict . From the first level above the level of access, the 372 units are located in 22 levels, each with 19 residential units except for levels 16, 17 and 18 where take place all amenities. Each plant has, in addition to the departmental areas, 2 elevator cores and stair lifts, installation of pipelines, garbage shoot and hallway and elevator service for general distribution. The units range from 72m2 to 186m2 interior area of deprivation, which due to the area where the project is located and coupled to the needs of today, are generally formed by a living room, kitchen, pantry, laundry area, bathroom visitation, 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms with bath and / or dressing room and terrace, making it clear that the units vary in content according to the location of each residential unit. The materials used in the departments are: hollow block walls and gypsum board, clear glass facade, panels of gypsum board, the structure is a reinforced concrete base. To the front is a futile game between concrete and glass that gives the character, identity and warmth to all, all space is as open as possible using translucent glass windows that get an optimal luminosity, typical for spaces in the interior with the highest quality and comfort, plus the careful arrangement of the same in order to achieve an ideal view for each. At level 16, 17 and 18, we found several common areas, in addition to other units. On the 16th floor is a spa, a yoga area, Skybar, snack bar area and a pool Sundeck infiniti type that ends toward the horizon, developed in a triple height, also at this level is the ground floor of a clinic with a few specific areas of care, dedicated to the assistance of tenants and even if possible, of public attention, with a terrace outside triple height that complements a perfect 17 on the floor, along with some of units, can accommodate the ground floor of the gym, a bar and a veranda overlooking the sea provisions, as well as a double height and a Jacuzzi area that complement the area of the clinic. On the floor 18, along with the existing housing units, 3 viewpoints that can be read as a major viewpoint space are complementary to areas of the lower deck. 3 These plants also have their areas of horizontal and vertical circulation corridor for general distribution. At all levels will be a shoot for handling garbage that flows into a basement room where they are temporarily stored in containers to facilitate handling, plus the building with the minimum requirements for performance and safety, such as an outlet for hydrants located at each level stair cores and ducts for electrical, mechanical sanitary and fire installations. Some characteristics with regard to development are: water supply system by means of hydro-tanks, fire systems, plumbing pipes, PVC, plant emergency, electrical substation, machine room, emergency stairs, etc..


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