Virtual Trading Floor

The design of the Virtual Trading Floor for the New York Stock Exchange involved the design of an interactive architectural environment intended for the space of the computer. The Virtual Trading Floor was the first business application of an interactive virtual architecture.
Displayed on the trading floor on an array of nine large flat screen high resolution displays it allows for day to day monitoring as well as crisis management of all aspects of NYSE trading floor activity. Following the design of the Virtual Trading Floor, the New York Stock Exchange commissioned Asymptote to design a new Advanced Command Center for the actual NYSE floor.
The array of large flat screen monitors mentioned above is a center piece of the design. This and other flat screens seemingly float off a liquid like illuminated curved blue glass wall and hover above a double curved meandering work surface. This along with imbedded ribbons of text in various surfaces captures the essence of the different ‘flows’ that encompass the Stock Exchange trading floor. This project which in every sense has become a “Theater of Operations” has launched the NYSE into the 21st century.


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