Vine Cottage
This cottage project is a 2 storey plus basement family house located in Hampstead. The building replaces a derelict cottage that has a long and complex planning history. The resultant design of the house was required to retain the scale and proportions of the cottage typology, harking back to the areas definable village character. Originally an outhouse or servants quarters for the grander facades on Hampstead High Street, the cottage site provides an unusual break in the Victorian grain, with the orientation of its principle façade parallel to rather than facing the street. This apparent ‘shyness’ or detachment from the streetscape is an interesting departure point for design, generating a resultant form that is inherently private and introverted. The influence for the project has been taken from railway signal boxes with an extruded ‘house’ with an emphasis on verticality. Black timber cladding lines the exterior of the building.