Villa shahr residential complex

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Villa shahr residential complex
Villashahr residential complex Its clean weather, exquisite landscapes, its proximity to Tehran and easy access to Shemshak piste has in a couple of years turned Meygoun region into a popular resort for the citizens of Tehran. Three pieces of land in this region, each measuring 28x14m, constituted the design site of a residential complex. Attention to the desirable existing vistas, proper use of slope, building orientation and an efficient architectural plan appear as the main challenges facing any project in this region. However, the main challenge for the design team of this project was lack of a proper substructure for sustainable development and suitable construction regulations in the region resulting in the construction of buildings similar to those one encounters in Tehran. A search for a building design that can act as a construction model in harmony with the characteristics of the region was at the centre of attention of the design group finally leading to the observation of the following guidelines: - Avoiding building attachment so as to preserve the continuity of the lines of sight in the region as well as natural air circulation; - Units setting back from the street in order to provide private aprons for the units and increase the green space per capita; - Units setting back in upper levels so as to avoid repetition of the common apartment model while following the region’s common floor area ratio and occupied area; - Facilitating the connection between green spaces through provision of independent access paths to the street in order to give priority to pedestrian access over the vehicular; - Use extruding volumes that create various terraces and vistas as well as increasing building potentialities; - Connecting different courtyards so as to reinforce social life while protecting privacy. One year after the completion of the project, another piece of land adjacent to the site was purchased and annexed to it, thus creating the opportunity of putting to test the above guidelines for the first time by the design team. The result is a final building with 24 units between 50 to 170 sqm of area, a building that follows its own rules and regulations. (Have we not been inattentive to devising proper building regulations for our cities?)


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