Villa Rufinella
Villa Rufinella, also called Villa Tuscolana, is a villa in Frascati, Italy. Villa Rufinella is the highest villa on the hill above the town of Frascati. It was built by Mons. Alessandro Ruffini, bishop of Melfi, in 1578, but many passing of property in the time changed different part of it: in 1773 the villa became property of the Apostolic Camera. The Architect Luigi Vanvitelli renovated the building giving it the present appearance under the property of Jesuit Order. In 1804 Pope Pius VII sold out the Villa to Lucien Bonaparte. In 1805 the latter started up the first excavation campaign held in the area property of the Villa and in the city of Tusculum, with the spirit of archeologist/antiquary, indeed he sent to Paris several boxes of archeological finds. In 1820 the Duchess of Chablais of House of Savoy bought the Villa. Queen Maria Christina of Naples and Sicily, wife of Charles Felix of Sardinia, lived here from 1824. In 1824 the poet Giuseppe Gioachino Belli was guest in the villa and to remember the holiday he wrote a sonnet in Roman dialect, " La Rufinella". The Villa suffered heavy damage during World War II (1943-1944). Since 1966 the Villa Rufinella is a Salesians property: they have restored the building and turned it in conference-hotel.

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