Villa in Turkey
VILLA IN TURKEY The villa built on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey according to the design project of the architectural studio of Yuri Vissarionov continues to attract attention of the travelers. Its striking appearance evokes in lots of people the desire to settle in its neighborhood on a yet unpopulated picturesque slope near the seashore. The building is situated in the mountain area on the rocky southern slope. The driveway to the house runs across the slope above the level of the villa territory. A two-car garage and the main entrance are located here as well. The terraces that make up the lower section of the building descend along the slope and overlook the garden. The two-storey building is spread across the slope. Its upper façade is constructed as a one-storey blank wall and the lower façade is formed by two storeys facing the downward mountain slope. The shape of the lay-out is smooth and nature-like. The upper level accommodates the following: - A living room with a fireplace room, a kitchen dining room, billiard and training rooms, which form a single open-plan space. - A block of entrance and utility rooms (storeroom, gowning room, water closet, shower room). - A block of technical rooms (boiling room, switch room). The upper level rooms have terraces with different levels of the floor. The living room exits onto an open terrace. The training and billiard rooms join the open terrace of the swimming pool. The space of the living room opposite the main entrance is linked to the lower level of the house by a curving staircase going down into the oval opening of the inserted floor. The lower level accommodates the following: - A lightened hall with the exits to the terrace leading up to the swimming pool and down to the garden. - A block of the owners' bedroom and study with a gowning room and a bathroom. - A block of guest bedrooms with balconies and a common bathroom. There used stable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly materials and technologies. Ceramic tiling animates the colors of the surfaces, as well as unifies the exteriors and the interiors of the building. The multicolored spots of tiles that fully cover the retaining wall spread further onto the dividing wall of the kitchen and the inner surface of the swimming pool. Total area of the house (without the terraces) – about 250 sq. m Plot size – 1890 sq. m Architects – Yu. Vissarionov, K.Savkin and others.


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