Villa for a friend
Villa For a friend We had advised a house to a friend: “we will make you a home; fitting the best friend`. He didn’t wait for something special; just a normal villa, safe and out of harm's way, as possible as it could. Municipality laws and the high slope of the site (as the first design’s guidelines) lead us to a terraced sketch. The site was extended to the south-east. There was a pure, unbelievable, sunlit view in front of us. There for we made the building like two boxes; a box on the other one, Like two frames: to record different views of the same location and beyond all for catching pleasure sunlight the most. Our friend wanted us to specialize the uncovered space in the upper box for their celebrations and ceremonies, so we moved bed rooms to the lower box and put the kitchen and living room in the upper one; an answer to their request: relating the courtyard with the public rooms. The sloped covering on the final roof is also a technical solution to hard winters and the snow load. And about those scratched wooden covers attaching to the balconies edges: they have been made for protecting house from wind, snow, and lurker- for the security that friend mentioned- their design borrowed from L.Fontana, the painter we like. In this way the building presents an artificial view to the nature. The main access is the stairway from the main entrance of the house in the lower level (the border between out and in) to the main entrance of the building in the lower box where the public room is located, of course in the middle of the way there’s an access to the personal area in the lower box. The kitchen is a suspending cube in the corner of the upper floor. There are some artistic elements in the project such as chimney with spiral pipes and a tree that was cut by one of the neighbors and we put it in the door way to as a sign of the site. Our friend says one day I will call a truck to bring the tree for you and plant it in your office.


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