Vila Gardner - Vale dos Cristais

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Vila Gardner - Vale dos Cristais
Our idea for the new residential venture, Vale dos Cristais, located in the nearby mountains of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is based on three crucial points: exclusiveness, security and originality. Its exclusiveness is reflected in the beauty of its scenery; its geographical position; clear air; altitude; natural environment and the possibility of wide and open views. The dwellings are situated in a way allowing all of them to participate in the spectacular surrounding landscape: the housing complex forms part of its environment, enriching and interpreting it. Carefully adapted to its natural terrain, surrounded by large green areas, seeking for the best orientation to sun, wind and contour lines, the buildings harmoniously coexist with their natural surrounding. Avoiding big cuts and retaining walls ensures economic viability, helps prevent erosion and minimizes the impact on the environment. Security is guaranteed by an online system and visibility, by the concept of streets and footpaths resulting in a clear and well planned layout of circulation and by the control of access gates and community areas. The architecture here plays the role of giving originality to the venture. Every place has its own personality that is interpreted by the architecture. It is this uniqueness, creating spaces responding their own and special surrounding, that is the ongoing intention of our work. It is the building that is adapted to the surroundings and not the surroundings to the building, granting comfort to its habitants while respecting the environment. Our quest for quality is therefore linked to living together with the green: beauty, tranquility, privacy, security, comfort, silence and above all, freedom.


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