Viet Museum

The Viet Museum (Vietnamese: Viện Bảo Tàng Việt Nam) is a museum focusing on the experience of Vietnamese Americans and their journey from Vietnam to the United States. It is located in the historical Kelley Park in San Jose, California, United States and was opened on August 25,

The museum was created by the San Jose-based nonprofit organization IRCC (Immigrant Resettlement & Cultural Center, Inc.), headed by Vũ Văn Lộc, a former colonel in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. Planning for the Museum began in 1976, taking over 30 years to realize. The Museum is housed in Greenwald House, in the History Park at Kelley Park.

The Viet Museum's collections focus on three periods:

  • 1950–1975: The Republic of Vietnam and the War in the name of Freedom
  • 1975–1996: The "Boat People" and the quest for Freedom
  • 1975–2007: Vietnamese Americans today and the building of Liberty


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