Vienna Way
Vienna Way Residence, 2007 The 4,100 square foot Vienna Way residence is located on a large, narrow lot in Venice, CA. The site is divided into thirds, with two facing plaster volumes bridged by a sunken kitchen. The southern building begins in the front of the property and terminates in an outdoor dining area. The northern structure runs from the back of the property forward and terminates in an outdoor living area. In the center, a bronzed metal box shapes the sunken kitchen that connects the two plaster volumes. The one-story southern structure houses a great room that combines formal living and dining areas. Conversely, the two-story northern structure has more casual, private spaces, including a family room and office on the first floor and bedrooms on the second floor. The kitchen acts as the bridge of the residence and anchors the building in the center. In addition to bridging the two main volumes of the house, the kitchen is the center of a water-related area that starts in front with a swimming pool that runs the length of the great room, flows through the kitchen and over its green roof, and continues in the backyard’s riparian landscape planted with rushes, reeds, and sycamore trees. These plantings give way to a large play yard filled with buffalo grass and surrounded by Oak trees and other California native plants. The Vienna Way residence challenges ideas about mass, void, light, proportion, materiality, as well as the building’s relationship to the surrounding landscape.


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