DESIGN CONCEPT The proposed new school building project is promoted by Vidyanidhi Education Society. It is located in sector 80, Gurgaon on a 5 acre plot. The design of the school is aimed to achieve enhanced learning through green building provisions and also to encourage students to be good stewards of the environment. The school facility is designed for 1960 students from Kindergarten to class 12. The education facility is divided into three parts, Pre primary, Primary and Higher Secondary. All three parts and allied facilities are designed in Part basement + four storey building blocks, organised around a large multipurpose court. The classrooms are further divided into two groups i.e. Pre primary- Primary sections & Secondary- Higher secondary sections. A combination of curved and straight corridors connects the core support areas with different classroom wings of the building. A large amphitheatre with 850 seating capacity is designed in central court which acts as a cultural hub of the school. It is equipped with a performing stage and support spaces. The use of tensile fabric to cover the central court to provide protection during extreme climate which symbolises an industrial advancement for the nation. The grand approach to the school with a fully sheltered drop-off point for the guests is just one of the many welcoming factors to this premium grade school. View of the landscaped internal court in the backdrop if the grand entrance hall highlights the entry to the school. Integration of technology and technology- based areas, which provides a variety of learning environments to enhance educational delivery is of prime importance. Easy access and flexibility allows the adaptation of technology to fit changes. To provide for this flexibility, a combination of computer labs, classrooms, teacher prep areas and other spaces will be provided with wiring and the ability to integrate computer technology. The building is oriented to maximize potential for harvesting and controlling natural light. South-facing windows are equipped with light-shelves to reflect light and deflect passive solar heat gain. Fan-lights bring light into interior spaces. Daylight sensors regulate artificial lighting to conserve energy. East and west facing openings are limited. Provision of solar chimneys promotes better ventilation in classroom areas. Landscaping and a water body near the main entrance of the school helps in reducing ambient temperature during hot summer days. Best educational practices and sustainable technologies intersect to provide an optimal environment for learning. Natural light is carefully harvested to control glare and heat gain. Non-toxic, low VOC materials are specified to promote better indoor air quality. Operable windows provide fresh air and offer spectacular views of open green spaces. The building models good stewardship and conservation by harvesting water. The school has a complex dedicated for sports facilities for students and public to use at specific times of the day. These facilities range from indoor sports hall, to outdoor courts and swimming pools. To sum-up, the objective of enhanced learning is achieved through the sustainable green design of the school complex. Architectural Design Developed with following Passive Solar Features- - Th building is predominantly oriented in North-South direction. - All classrooms are planned along the North-South direction. - The windows are planned on North-South walls. - Accommodation of administrative staff and ancillary facilities planned on North-East and South-West sides are adequately protected with corridors and shading devices. - Widows are designed to provide adequate and uniform light. - Natural ventilation is provided by placement of windows on opposite walls and by designing windows to meet ventilation requirements. - Stack ventilation/ Solar Chimney is designed to promote better ventilation (number of air changes) - External envelope consists of a brick wall with expanded polystyrene insulation(thermocol), Insulation/Hollow concrete block wall. - Roof/Terrace exposed to solar radiation is provided with foam concrete insulation with white china mosaic tiles. - Self reflective glass having high visual light transmission, but low solar heat inflow quality. TARGETTING FOR MINIMUM 4 STAR RATING OF GRIHA.


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