Vestas Technology and Development Centre

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Vestas Technology and Development Centre

Vestas' new development centre in Aarhus is designed to concentrate the company's development facilities under one roof. The development centre will contain office facilities for 500 staff members, as well as a showroom and large and small laboratories and test facilities. It has been designed in the form of a triangular building with glass facades, with clear and tinted glass in the closed panes. Adjacent to each horizontal bar are deep profiles which create dynamics and movement in the facade.
The centre is located at the highest point of the site, partly in order to ensure good visual contact with its surroundings, and partly to exploit the exposure opportunity towards Randersvej. The building will provide an environment for development, innovation, creativity and contact between the test facilities and the office areas.

The main entrance takes the form of a large glass panel recessed into the facade, where a couple of steps lead you into the centre's three-storey-tall atrium space. The floor of the atrium consists of a gigantic stairway landscape which follows the site's two-metre height difference along the building's length. With landings, plants, sitting areas, product exhibitions, meeting rooms on several storeys, a library, and daylight streaming in through the skylights, the space will become a unifying hub for the whole centre. On the uppermost level in the stairway landscape is the showroom, where a nacelle V90 is exhibited, converted into a 3D alcove. Inside this alcove, visitors can watch 3D simulations/models/presentations. A project area for the use of subcontractors is located to the south, beyond which is an auditorium with teaching facilities.


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