Vertical Garden

Spain has been bursting forth with lots of green roofs and vertical gardens lately - these instances of urban agriculture must help keep them cool in the hot summer months! The latest project to catch our eye is this beautiful vertical garden located in the town square of San Vicente del Raspeig in the southeast of Spain. Designed by architect Jose Maria Chofre, the six-story vertical garden is installed on the facade of a new children's library, where it creates a spectacular organic contrast to the urban complex and the surrounding angular concrete buildings.

The six-story vertical garden consists of a metal frame structure built on a dividing wall between the library and an existing apartment building. Plants are inserted into the frame between two metal grids using synthetic felted material, which can be easily accessed from several corridors in the back and can be replaced. A suspended scaffold hangs from the front and allows workers to prune or replace plants as necessary.

Various species of flora and herbaceous plants are planted throughout the installation – one type of plant per square, with smaller plants at the top and ivy and ferns at the bottom. The lush ferns and ivy provide a cool courtyard entrance, which is located where the vertical garden meets the library’s door.


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