Venue for International Flori Show 2008

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Venue for International Flori Show 2008
Introduction: Government of Sikkim had called for a Design Competition on the 18th September 2007 to various architectural firms for the Master Plan and Details of Venue for the International Flori-Show’2008, Sikkim, India. Venue was at Saramsa Garden covering an area of 7.5 acres around 25 km from Gangtok, Capital of Sikkim, India.  Saramsa Garden which always had been a local people’s getaway from traffic for picnic and recreation.International Flori Show 2008 was conceived to create a permanent Exhibition Venue for Floriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture and various other related exhibits including the space that could be let out for Business Conventions, Conference and other Public related congregation. Target : Opening was scheduled on the 14th of March 2008. (18th September 2007 design presentation, selection and 13th march completion = 6 months to design, implement and finishing)Design: on receipt of the letter of invitation for the competition dated 13th September 2007 we had exactly 4 days / 96 hrs to come up with concept and pre-detail of the project.Our main approach to the design of 7.5 acres Saramsa garden was to retain its originality in terms of its valued Trees, Plants and important elements and spaces within the trees which had its own character and people loved to go there. Also most importantly creating a formal circulation within a garden due to its nature of the function as Exhibit arena to an International Standards.Secondly , the requirements : Entry to the Complex- Gate, Entrance Foyer, Reception Block, Exhibits Stalls – 80 nos min of 232sft each,Main Exhibition Hall – 8000sft, Convention Hall – 500 seating capacity, Banquet, VVIP Lounge, Conference Hall, Mini Exhibit Room, Food Court, Open Air Theatre, Information Kiosk, Toilets  and Landscaping of 7.5 acres. The Civil works were suppose to be completed within a month so as for the Plants and flowers which were being grown at the Nurseries had to be brought for Landscaping and other final Finishes.The circulation pattern created the placement fo the structures on this vast landscaped area without letting the construction come on the way of any Plants or Trees.Our construction methodology was Eco friendly using local materials like Bamboo, Wood and Stone with R.C.C for Foundation for durability. On consultation with CBTC, the Bamboo were treated and increasing the life to around 25 yrs. Our major challenge of creating a convention hall for 500 seaters with a size of 123’ x 84’ = 10332sft  incl other requirements like conference, Lounge etc without cutting a single tree was possible by placing it on an existing non functional swimming pool  using Steel Lattice Girders and columns with Wooden frame partition ( ekra –vernacular term ) with bamboo splits as reinforcement . Internal Acoustics were taken care with Cons wood acoustic ply recently available in market with 8’ x 4’ dimension 20mm thk. With melamine polish giving a natural wooden finish. Furniture’s were custom made in Cane locally available in the neighboring state with local ethnic fabric of Bhutia, Lepcha and Nepali of Sikkim. The location of Open Air Theatre was created using a backdrop of ever green Bamboo Groove as the main theme to show cases the Construction and the use of Bamboo for the Venue.  Bamboo Ply, Bamboo frames and others were extensively used to finish and structure.  The stage is encased with water fountain in the front which creates a natural screen during performance interval and the foam bubblers creating presence of water element amongst Bamboo Grooves and Trees.The entry to the complex , entrance foyer to the garden - houses exhibits of painting by young school children on white boundary wall with informal gateway at open spaces within existing trees using Tensile Membrane Structure , Ferrari implemented by Shade Flex in collaboration with M/s Textil Bau Gmbh, Germany. Cost : The Total Cost of the Project  is 1657.41 Lacs.Venue Visited : The Exhibition Officially recorded daily 50000 visitors  per day for 3 official day function i.e 14th march to 16th march.


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