Vendsyssel Hospital - Emergency Department

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Vendsyssel Hospital - Emergency Department

The area of this new emergency department is defined by Building 40 to the east, Building 18 to the north, and the
trafficked road Bispensgade to the west. The layout of the new building is made with respect to the severely limited
potential for views and little room for green outdoor and indoor common areas. We worked consciously to create atria
as architectural, recreational and lighting elements.

We established a structural environment oriented inwards, thus creating an experience-rich domain with flowing relationships
that transform essential corridors into lively paths in a varied interior, giving daylight the highest priority, treated to
emphasize the various functions, making movement and the connection to the bright inner courtyards and each section
an experience in itself.

Externally, the building consists of two horizontally divided volumes—a volume containing the emergency unit
and a volume containing the wards. The two volumes are fashioned in two different materials: the facade of the emergency
unit in bright natural stone; the wards created in anairy glass building.


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