Velocity Tower
Velocity Tower is a development project currently under construction next to the Inner Ring Road in Sheffield City Centre, South Yorkshire, England, overlooking Ecclesall Road. The build is a continuation of a previous design to be built by Cala, titled 'Eclipse'.

Cala Eclipse
The original build plans for the site was for a single tower name Eclipse, and was the result of a project by Cala Developments and initially designed by Broadway Malyan. The original design was for a fitted with a dark, charcoal-grey cladded 22 storey tower with a 12 storey brickwork skin wing that was to provide provide 263 new apartments. After successfully selling most of the apartments off-plan - Cala decided that the economic conditions were unfavourable and so abruptly abandoned the scheme in 2005, putting the land up for sale without even a press release - much to the anger of early investors.

Velocity Tower
In 2007, rumours of the tower being resurrected were rife, and it was eventually confirmed that Velocity Estates, developers of the acclaimed V1, V2 and V3 buildings, were to take this on with some major design changes from Sheffield based architects AXIS Architecture. The design most noticeably evolved with the introduction of a high-quality glass cladding fa├žade to replace the previously proposed brickwork skin. A taller ground floor was also introduced, and a roof top wind turbine array was added to improve the buildings green credentials. Construction started quickly in 2007 under the agreed planning permission of the previous Eclipse building while a further application was in submitted to alter the appearance of the tower and meet the city councils higher design standards. An application for the tower to go up to 36 storeys was submitted on 6 March 2008, but this was ultimately rejected by Sheffield Council stating that a 33-36 storey tower "would unacceptably break the city's skyline in important distant views". A revised set of build plans were submitted shortly after which limited the build to a 30 storey tower and also lowered the west-facing wing of the building to 5 floors. To compensate for this reduction however the plans included the design of a second smaller tower at the far end of the wing, which would climb to 17 storeys. These plans were ultimately accepted by the council on 9 September 2008. On 23 November 2008 the construction crane was removed from the Velocity Tower site and structural work halted. The tower now stands at 22 storeys of the 30 storeys planned and given permission for construction, with, as of August 2009, the second tower and wing an unfinished concrete frame of two storeys, and the grounds fenced off.

Grand opening
In December 2008, Velocity Tower - although unfinished - opened its doors to potential tenants. The tower currently has apartments to let on most floors, with the uppermost floors unfinished and a number of access points where mast climber access previously existed clad in white painted boards, rather than the glass panels of the remainder of the building.