The design of the Veldhuizerschool first join its context and interaction with the two monumental trees on the plot. Through the use of materials (masonry),the colors and the Krag on rooftops, the building fits well into his 30s environment.
The building is robust, playful and dynamic (thanks to the 'random' frames placed in the wall) and fits in well with the world of children. It has a green mossedumdak.
The interior is centered around the multi-purpose hall and games room. Workspaces (also for these spaces are connected) are of fundamental importance for the education.
Cost recovery in 8 years
The passive house concept is energy efficient and comfortable building. In the Netherlands it is not entirely suited to schools. For the design of the Veldhuizerschool also used by German and Belgian knowledge and principles. The province of Gelderland subsidizing the project. Depending on funding opportunities is passive construction to recoup between 5 and 8 years. Besides an attractive payback will the value of the building after 20 years later show.


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