Vector Arena
Vector Arena is a 12,000-seat arena for sports and entertainment events in Auckland City, New Zealand. After delays due to construction-related issues, the arena's first concert was Rock Star Supernova on 24 March 2007. Named for a sponsor, Vector Limited, the arena is located at Quay Park, very close to the former Auckland Railway Station. Vector Arena cost around $80 million, and of this sum ratepayers contributed $68 million for the facility to be managed by QPAM, the Australian operator, in New Zealand first big public-private partnership. This runs for 40 years before ownership is transferred to the city.

Since the arena opened in 2007 to the end of 2009, more than 500,000 people have enjoyed concerts, sporting and community events at Vector Arena. Other events include Disney on Ice, among others. In 2009, the arena polled 17th out of 50 worldwide top arenas for first-quarter ticket sales, eclipsing venues like Madison Square Garden. The highest attendance, so far, was a 13 October 2010 Metallica concert, with 12,200.


Scheduled to open early 2006, this was first delayed towards the end of 2006, when a second opening date was again missed. The delays were apparently due to the Arena's builder, Mainzeal, having various problems with the structure, especially with the roof, where the 120 m main truss had to be strengthened, and where added insulation to waterproof the building against the humid local climate had to be included. In a related issue, extra ventilation also had to be installed to prevent internal humidity build-up during full-capacity events. The construction company reportedly faced huge losses on the project, and planned to sue the architects for partial compensation.

Dave Rat, the sound engineer of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, has criticized the sound quality of the venue after the band played concerts in the Arena during April 2007. He noted that the echo from the curved roof was problematic, and that acoustic panels would need to be installed to improve the arena, especially for those listeners on the upper seating levels. He also criticised the polished concrete floors as too slippery for mass events. Chris Tate, sound designer for Rockstar: Supernova's first concert at the arena, has however noted that the acoustics were better than expected, and could be improved further. It was also noted that such work is already in preparation.

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