VCC-Clark Station

VCC–Clark Station is a station on the Millennium Line of the SkyTrain system in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Named after the nearby Vancouver Community College, adjacent to Clark Drive, the station serves as the terminus of the Millennium Line. Original plans called for the VCC Station to be located underground under Broadway to the south of Vancouver Community College, but the City of Vancouver wanted the line to run to the north through the emerging technology zone on the False Creek Flats.

VCC–Clark Station was originally supposed to open along with the rest of the Millennium Line in 2002, but the construction had to be delayed because of property issues, as the station is located in a railyard. The station was slated to begin service in the fall of 2005, but testing and commissioning of the station and related facilities lasted into the fall of 2005, with trial running of trains starting in mid-November. The station officially opened on Friday, January 6, 2006. An additional bus route (Route #84) connects VCC–Clark to UBC to relieve the 99 B-Line bus route and the trolleybuses on Broadway.

Plans call for the Millennium Line to eventually continue west from the VCC–Clark Station, although the timeline for such an extension has yet to be finalized.



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