Vashi Bridge
The Vashi Bridge, (also known as Thane Creek Bridge or the Mankhurd-Vashi Bridge), is a bridge, built across the Thane Creek that connects the city of Mumbai (Bombay) to the Indian mainland at Navi Mumbai (New Bombay). The bridge links the suburb of Mankhurd in Mumbai with Vashi in Navi Mumbai, the satellite city of Mumbai. The bridge of 1837m length and having a substandard 3 lane carriageway, is one of the four entry points into Mumbai, and handles traffic directed towards the regions to the south and east of Mumbai. The modern bridge was built in the 1970s. Within two years of its opening (which was in 1972) to traffic, corrosion cracks were noted on the bottom side of the prestressed girders of some spans. This led to a series of extensive repairs including external prestressing. It was simultaneously decided to construct a new bridge of 6 lane divided carriageway of 1837.35 m length, 30 m down stream, with emphasis on durability. This new bridge, called the 2nd Thane creek Bridge, was constructed from 1987 to 1997 with several unique features in the construction and design with emphasis on durability and a formal QA/QC programme. Proof Consultants were appointed to oversee each aspect of planning, design and construction. Open foundations were taken into the bedrock with foundation concrete being laid in the dry, with the sea water being pumped out using submersible pumps. The piers in the intertidal zone were protected by epoxy coal tar paint painted on 6 mm thick m.s. plate which was considered as a lost shuttering. The superstructure was a P.S.C. box girder, one for each carriageway, constructed using balanced cantilever cast-in-situ segments. The New Bridge called 2nd Thane Creek Bridge (also the Vashi Bridge) has performed without any problems whatsoever. The original Vashi Bridge or the 1st Thane Creek Bridge is closed to traffic.


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