Varberg Hospital

Varberg Hospital (Swedish: Sjukhuset i Varberg, literally "The Hospital in Varberg") is a hospital in Varberg, Sweden. The hospital was completed in 1972, as a replacement of the old hospital in the city. After that, the old hospital was demolished. Varberg Hospital has 450 beds for general medical care and 350 beds for psychiatric treatment.


In the middle age there was a hospital in Varberg, situated at the Carmelite monastery in the city.

Halland constituted one single unit for medical care care until 1835, when a hospital was established at Varberg Fortress. In 1852, the hospital was moved to an area called Dykerilyckan, where it was situated for 120 years. In the 1870s, a new hospital building was proposed. It was designed by Axel Kumlien. The proposal was adopted by the County Council in 1899. The new hospital was completed in 1901. It was expanded and modernized several times during the 20th century.

In 1963, the County Council decided to build a new hospital at Nya Påskberget. It was completed in 1972. The orthopedics was located at Apelviken Coastal Sanatorium until 1976.

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