Vällingby City

Vällingby centre was a world sensation when it was completed in 1954. It was by far the most innovative urban planning project at the time, and it remains today the most remarkable and attractive example of Stockholm’s high-density suburbs – a truly urban living in a periphery setting. In the 1950’s Sweden became the leader of the western world in innovative urban planning, with the Swedish model also known as the ABC model. The main idea was to imitate the variety and animation of city life. In 2001 Svenska Bostäder invited White to participate in a architectural competition to bring new life into the fifty years old slumbering ideal community. Our idea was a rethinking of the basic ideas of the 1950s urban planning. Through development and renewal based on current standards, Vällingby City is now once again a modern cultural and business centre, which at the same time has retained its unique cultural value. The existing architecture and the new buildings are in the front line in the same way as when the area was created fifty years ago. An effective process Together with Svenska Bostäder and the City of Stockholm, White has carried out a large general plan and quality program for the project as a whole. Based on careful documentation of the area´s cultural value and historical development, the scope and design of new development have been tested systematically. The analysis and high demands for quality were followed through in the planning decisions. An effective process has ensured the intentions for both preservation and renewal were kept throughout the project. Sustainabitity in all aspects The largest geo-thermal plant in Sweden Vällingby City is a place with qualified sustainable solutions in all aspects - technical, social and commercial. Technical solutions, details and materials have been checked to be renewable and sustainable. The centre has diversified features, service and activities. Vällingby City is groundbreaking on environmental issues. All the waste produced by the shopping centre will be recycled at a central waste facility run by Vällingby City. Waste food from restaurants will be ground down and recycled into biogas. Here you’ll also find Sweden’s largest geo-thermal plant, which almost makes Vällingby City self-sufficient in terms of locally produced heating and cooling. A strategy for high end architecture, design and art A successful Vällingby City is ensured by?a unique environment, a wide, urban range of stores, high accessibility, as well as a comfortable outdoor experience. Vällingby city combines the features of indoor shopping centres with city centre qualities. An elevated glass canopy roof protects the main commercial strip from rain and snow. The streets have been repaved with a new pattern, completing the original circular pattern. Ground heating is used to increase the comfort. Vällingby City has a high aim when it comes to art and architecture Many details from the 1950s are still up to date - the old buildings, the ground pattern, the lampposts, the fountains and the mosaics. The new architecture of the extension represent high end architecture of our time. A new striking lighting program enhances the esthetic qualities of the centre in various ways. Vällingby is the largest refurbishment and center extension in Scandinavia. As architects we are also responsible for the planning and design of the landscape in the whole of the centre and two sub-areas that incorporate parking facilities, trade premises.The new residential buildings at the top of one of the parking garage will be finished 2009. A new health care centre and the refurbishment of an office building are under contruction. The Swedish Association of Architects awarded Vällingby Centrum the Planning Prize 2006.


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