Valleberga Church

Coordinates: 55°25′43.4″N 14°3′45″E / 55.428722°N 14.0625°E / 55.428722; 14.0625

Valleberga Church is a church in Valleberga, Sweden and Löderup Parish. It is the only known fortified round church in Skåne. A reason for the building of the round church was that the master mason of the church, Carl Stenmester, also built churches on Bornholm, where round churches were common. The font was cut by the master of Tryde and shows one of the legends about Saint Peter and Paul of Tarsus.

In 1791, the round church was demolished and extensions were made to the north, west and south. These extensions were demolished in 1908–1910 when the round church was restored and a large cathedral-like extension was made to the west, including a new tower.

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