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Vaguada de las Llamas Park Santander. Situation: Santander ( Cantabria - Spain) Authors: Enric Batlle Duran (architect) Joan Roig Durany (architect) Company name: Batlle i Roig Architects Constructed 2005 - 2008 Program: Park Promoter: Ajuntament de Santander Surface: 30 Ha Cost: 22.000.000 € Collaborator: Albert Gil, (architect) Elena Mostazo, (land Engineer) APIA XXI DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: “Vaguada de las Llamas` has been a big left over urban space for a long time, that has become an outstanding opportunity for the city to turn it into a urban park.` The left over urban space had become a gap between two parts of the city that needed to be linked. Conceptually the project consists on the translation of the goemetries of the Atlantic’s geography to the site. These new borders are conceived as staired-vegetable walls. This new geography organizes the different areas, generating stairs, ramps, the auditorium and all the park’s main elements. The resulting platforms solve the park in 3 levels, 3 kinds of space with different uses and sights of the Atlantic culture. All these platforms surround a huge area of reed that has needed to be preserved. At the same time the park resolves the connectivity of the area, opening new paths where through the park. The vegetation has been organized in transverse stripes, following the parallel’s order. Vegetation representing each latitude has been introduced on every of these stripes. This fact offers a new experience of the park, random but strictly ordered, giving to the visitor a new experience at every step.


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