V2K Designers Nisantasi
V2K designers - a subsidiary of Turkey’s premiere luxury fashion house Vakko, is a multi-label apparel store, displaying collections from the likes of Alexander Wang, Erdem, Hussein Chalayan, Rick Owens, Band of Outsiders and etc. Founded in the year 2000, the brand is known for carefully mixing up-and-coming designers with some established ones that have an edgy look. The store also carries non-fashion items, such as books on design, designer headphones and cool city bicycles. Opened in late 2009, in Ni?anta?? – one of Istanbul’s main shopping hubs, the new V2K designers flagship store is designed to reflect the fashion-forward mood of the brand, and bring together fashion and innovation. The store welcomes you with an angular entrance, which radically contours the borders of the store and separates it from the timeworn façade of the building rising above. The same angular entrance opens into a lit path that runs up to the mezzanine floor, enabling a large window space for more theatrical displays. On the left is a catwalk-like area where mannequins dressed in the latest fashion stand in line to attract the attention of the passer-by’s. Above them is a grid-like wall of light bulbs that runs down the side of the store, providing a banner space that can easily be customized by changing the slot of the bulbs. 258 square meter V2K designers store has two floors. The main floor entirely reserved for women’s wear and accessories, while the mezzanine floor houses men’s collection opposite to women’s eveningwear. Incorporating the styles of the designers, the store’s interior is innovative and almost all white to put the focus on the collections on display, rather than surpassing them. In addition to the ceiling lights, the lighting system hidden behind departments also put the limelight on clothing, while central columns covered in wood panels break the monochrome look of the interior to add warmth. More than just a retail shop, the new V2K designers flagship store also doubles as a creative space, hosting design, art and photography exhibitions on a regular basis. Therefore, the custom-made stainless steel bars holding racks are also designed to allow customization. The overall result creates an impression of a space that has some big changes to the interior with actually only a small amount of alteration.


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