Västra Hoby Church

Västra Hoby Church is a church in Torn Parish, Lund Municipality, situated to the north of Lund in Sweden.

Most of the church was built in 1886 since most of the previous church had been demolished. The old church was built in the Middle Ages, but of that church there is only the tower left.

Old reredos

On a wall in the back of the church room there is a reredos from the 15th century. It was stored in the Museum of cultural history in Lund, but has now been moved back to Västra Hoby Church.

The reredos is divided into 19 fields. The first nine fields show the childhood of Jesus. The tenth field is much larger than the others and show the crucifixion of Jesus. The last nine fields show the Story of the Passion.


The font was made in the Middle Ages.


The altarpiece is a copy of a Carl Bloch-painting made in 1886 by Hjalmar Berggren.


The present church organ was moved from Odarslöv Church in 2004 and was consecrated on November 14. It has 528 pipes and was made by Eskil Lundin in 1904, which is a quite high age for a church organ still in use. The parish thought it was a shame not to use the old organ, so they wanted to move the organ when Odarslöv Church was deconsecrated in 2002.

Before the "new" organ was installed, the church had a modern organ made in 1966 by Mårtenssons orgelfabrik.

Coordinates: 55°47′09.92″N 13°10′04.85″E / 55.7860889°N 13.1680139°E / 55.7860889; 13.1680139