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BaksvanWengerden Architecten is commissioned to design a single-family house on a Self-build plot in Nollen-Oost. located to the north east of Alkmaar. The position and proportions of the plot as well as the different views and privacy aspects resulted in a north-south orientation on ground floor level and an east-west orientation on the upper level. Furthermore the municipal development plan and beauty commission specification prescribed clear regulations on heights, roof shape and colouring. All this was taken in account when testing the various models for the house.

The ground floor is organised around a free-standing box, containing the supporting hardware for the spaces around it. The living area on the south opens to a more formal front yard: the kitchen has a central position and the eating area is oriented to the more informal back yard. On the upper floor the sleeping rooms level with the roof gardens on both the east and west side. This elevated landscape generates a sense of grandeur and privacy. The house is completely cladded in anthracite, ceramic tiles. It appears humble and distinct at the same time.

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