Utzon Centre Aalborg
U Centre, Aalborg, Denmark The Site The Centre is situated at the harbourfront with seaview, in the parksequence, characteristic for the new harbour front area in Aalborg. The platform creates a basis for the buildings around the courtyard, and emphasizes it as a special place, where the sun creates a southern like micro climate that invites you to stay. The organisation with the secluded volumes around the courtyard, offers a transparency through the access slits between the volumes. They invite you to stroll informally through the building or just to look at the varied views they offer. The building The building complex is a concept of individual buildings, creating a special place around a courtyard on a platform, with the surrounding sculptural and varied roofscape. The auditorium, the boathall and the library are designed with dramatic and very tall sculptural roofs. These metallic Kalcip roofs are emphasized by the buildings in between, the exhibition- and workshopspaces, where the roofs are lower, and yet characteristic. The auditorium, the


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