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USI Media Office is about more than looks; it goes more than skin deep. The interior design of the office really can lift the spirit and make you feel good. We give importance to the office interior since in business, it can spearhead and support comfortable ways of working which will finally results in to a good feedback. The red and white colour combination of the office Interiors is highly eye catching and attractive. Providing each employee their own personal space , in which they can arrange their assignments is an important feature of the office. Reception area says a lot about the company and reflect its image and corporate personality. Partition of the office is made by glass which makes the office more transparent and prevent distractions from other areas of the office which might interfere a work. The director’s sight will reach each and every corner of the office since the partition is made by glass and is helpful to maintain relationships and communication within the office. All the furniture are in square shape and are follows the same colour combination of white and red. The tables and chairs of all the areas are consists of two legs. conference area : with an open-plan design, in which employees can discuss related projects in order to co-ordinate their efforts. Seating : One of the most important features of the ergonomic office is the chair you sit in. Hours will be spent using it, so the more you can spend on good office chairs, the better. Its design will affect the way you work and for how long. Light : wide windows with glass provides natural light in side the office. In short all the features of the office are not only competitive in terms of price, but also offer a high degree of functionality as well as being eye-catching and inspiring


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