Urban Plan for Furuset

The aim of the competition was to densify the suburb Furuset in Groruddalen outside Oslo by adding 2500 new housing units and 1500 new workspaces. The project needs to reduce the CO2 emission by 50% by 2030, Furuset will be a model project in sustainable urban development .

The area was planned the 70's with a clear functional division and large un-programmed green areas. The center piece of the suburb consists of a shopping mall with nursing home in direct connection to the metro. 90% of Furuset population between 0-20 years have non-Western backgrounds while number of ethnic Norwegian residents is decreasing. Furuset will grow and become a new hub of Groruddalen.

How do we develop an adaptive and robust plan that is open and receptive to change and at the same time how do we strengthen Furuset's diversity, making it a pivot for the development of a new community? How do we develop a clear and strong identity for Furuset?

A city with a strong identity that forms the framework for a high quality of life. exciting urban spaces, diversity, density and a healthy economy. A city ahead.

Our project is a strategy that first and foremost want to define the qualities and enhance the identity of the life between the buildings. This is an illustration of a flexible framework for the development of Furuset that support the city's openness and it`s needs to absorb changes.

Our strategy for Furuset is to strengthen and define the qualities of the existing green areas, and introduce a structuring and contrasting space in the form of a "city street". These two main urban spaces intersect in the new Trygve Lies square.

The mosque meets the forest, the Bollywood Festival meets Furuset hockey team and cricket players can be observed by children on their way to the nearby lake for swimming. The different identities contribute in their own way to create new venues, and a qualitative framework for life on Furuset.

By establishing a physical connection over the highway and up to the forest, a stronger and more diverse green path is created . As a clear structural landscape element the connections will be important not only for the development of Furuset, but also for adjacent suburbs that today are squeezed in between the two highways. A green corridor connects the recreational areas Østmarka and Lillomarka, by Trygve Lies Square, the World Park and the opened green spaces along

Alna River at Grorud. In this way, we re-establish and intensify the link between Furuset and both the major urban spaces as well as the landscape context.

The “City street” is a new type of urban element in Furuset. It is a shopping street that stretches from the incubator in the east to the New Gran school in the west.

Furuset intelligent energy system:

We want to establish an intelligent and flexible "plug 'n play" supply system, which can use CO2 neutral energy from different central and decentralized sources (both electrical, heating and possibly cooling) that can be developed in stages.

A smart-grid concept can also be expanded to include other areas of Oslo. In this way, increased flexibility in the network, and framework for development of renewable energy production is improved.On the scale of one residential block this means an interaction with the intelligent energy system so the dishwasher starts when there is a surplus in the network - typically at night, when the price is lower. Thumble drier is part of an interaction with district heating system, and photo voltaic panels produce electricity for local consumption or to the electricity grid.


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