University of Semnan Auditorium and Library

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University of Semnan Auditorium and Library
Semnan is the capital city of Semnan province .Summers tend to be very hot and dry with average day time temperatures hovering around 37˚c.Meanwhile winters are cold and gutsy, occasionally wet. Locating at Semnan university campus as a focal point, offers an architectonic articulation with different architectural styles of surrounding faculties in the campus. The concept has been configured on the basis of two separated but compounded architectural constructions –An auditorium and a Library-as the hub of campus .The main challenge was to create two buildings with different spatial characteristic .A calm ,encouraging and convenient space for academic library and on the other side,an auditorium with conference halls and maintenance spaces seeking to be welcoming, dynamic and crowded. Hence, the project points towards an eloquent and sober architectural dialogue in an academic context.The spatial planning responds not only to technical and functional requirements, but also seeks a unique spatial architectural identity via integrating two volumes into a comprehensive entity .In fact, perforated porches and water pools play critical roles in natural air circulation and provide a presentable foyer for meeting academics and students as prime audience. The project attempts to approach a monumental and memorable picture of academic library and auditorium. The woven and crossing hasps on the façade link volumes visually while triangular dark glasses openness illuminate spaces and illustrate authentic play of light and shadow. These elements provide a quiet atmosphere while diminish the sunlight radiation particularly in the hot summers .

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