University of applied science Düsseldorf

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University of applied science Düsseldorf
On the site of a former abattoir a new campus is being built for the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf complete with offices, seminar rooms, classrooms, sports facilities, a student dormitory, a kindergarten and several special purpose rooms. The aim is to weave the new campus into the existing urban fabric and to connect it with the adjoining districts by continuing the block pattern development. At the same time the design of the campus presents itself in an open gesture; the two bottom levels are only sparsely developed to create a continuous plaza feel. The inserted openings and atria allow for sufficient daylight to enter these public areas. The campus comprises four levels which will be partly extended by additional stories for special uses. The building is largely spanned by a green roof. The requirement for resource-conserving construction is met by using environmentally friendly building materials and construction methods. Based on a lifecycle analysis, only 15 % of total expenses for the project were spent on construction and 2 % on planning, whereas costs for operation and demolition are projected to amount to 80 % and 3 %, respectively. A sophisticated building services concept envisions the utilization of all basic energy sources: photovoltaic, solar power, geothermal energy using geothermal pumps, night cooling, concrete core activation, as well as percolation pits and water collection tanks for harvesting rainwater. The façade on the top levels is fitted with horizontal and vertical slats for solar shading. The atria create a pleasant microclimate and the campus distinguishes itself by an open atmosphere thanks to generous green areas and only sparse development of the ground floor level.


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