University Gardens

University Gardens comprises the second and third phase of the Housing Snake located in Ørestad North, which will writhe its way through all five of the area's construction zones. In order to create cohesion between the five construction zones and the five different construction projects, a common unifying feature has been adopted: a continuous roof at 25 m height. Besides the characteristic common roof, a rustic canal also winds its way alongside the Housing Snake. Together with the first part of the Housing Snake, University Gardens forms a rural-like space in a large and comprehensive city park designed by Arkitema's Plan & Landscape department. An underground car park has been established beneath the city park.

University Gardens consists of three main elements: a recessed basement area in white concrete, the actual building volumes with their black panels and glass sections, and the common concrete roof. The clarity of expression is emphasised by the building's angular composition, the straight lines of which contrast with the curving urban space with its level differences, planted surfaces and wooden benches. At the same time, the building's bays and corner balconies break up the angular rhythm and create variations. All of the flats have at least one balcony, formed as a precise glass box which contrasts with the building's heaviness and provides the maximum amount of view for each residence. In order to reduce the building’s large scale, the windows of each flat have been combined in a single section, with associated balcony.


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