University Cultural Complex
UNIVERSITY CULTURAL COMPLEX AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF PUEBLA MEXICO The University Cultural Complex represents the most important and transcendental work ever built by the BUAP (Autonomous University of Puebla, México) in recent years. It arose with the intention of creating a space that allows the realization of cultural, artistic, scientific and technological manifestations generated in the sphere of the university, besides the presentation of multiple events that are being perform inside the BUAP. Additionally, the intention of this Magnus project, is to offer to all society, not just of Puebla state but nationally, a large stage with suitable facilities to celebrate cultural and social events , making this an exciting place where the arts, the learning and the recreation are enjoyed daily, integrating technology as a reference point for information to open way for a new attitude and encourage a sense of identity, belonging and pride, causing the community perceive, live, feel and relate to culture, improving their quality of life, allowing an integral human formation. This monumental work is located on vía Atlixcáyotl in the south of Puebla City and it has an area of 87,877 m2. In its design is relevant the Mies Van der Rohe’s main architectural precept: “Less is More”. The Complex is based on basic, austere and monochromatic geometric structures which reflect elegant compositional shapes by pure, smooth and white volumes, creating harmonious spaces that are integrated through large longitudinal lobbies. In the squares shine water features such as waterfalls, fountains and an artificial river whose movement and sound evoke tranquility and relaxation. The ordered vegetation gives directionality to the highlighted item: The masterly auditorium. The esplanades and gardens are characterized by the unique contrasts of their strategically distributed materials, constantly changing colors and textures and awakening in their visitors different emotions. The complex has six buildings that harbor multiple spaces such as the famous restaurant “Casa de los Muñecos” whose gastronomy reflects our state’s more significant flavors. The “Peña Universitaria” Bar and the cafeteria offer several options for every taste in perfect environments for relaxation. Also found here an artistic workshop center, symphony hall, entrepreneurial talent units and business incubation, a teaching development and excellence unit, interactive resources units and an artistic vocational training center. There are also the university bookstore, art cinemas, a theatre for 656 spectators, an art gallery, a virtual classroom, and seminars, consultancies and conventions centers with adaptable dimensions according to the event to make. The university esplanade over 18,000 m2 can accommodate 30,000 persons standing for outdoor events. The Magnus University Cultural Complex Auditorium is developed in three levels and has a capacity of 3,624 spectators, is currently considered de best equipped artistic enclosure nationwide, for its advanced sound and lighting technology that provides an ideal setting for first-class entertainment. Since the master plan’s preliminary notes, the Auditorium was planned as the outstanding point of the Complex, so, it was projected as a large volume which highlights its presence without losing unit with the rest of the buildings. The large architectural program was resolved by analyzing the requirements of each space, where solutions are focused mainly on the spectator’s comfort, emphasizing the distribution of the stands, making from every seat has full mastery of the stage, further, spaces were created to cover each of the functions of the audience, from those arising from the implementation of the shows to all those ancillary services that contribute to the smooth functioning of the building. It’s important to mention the huge visual impact generated by the hall outside and inside the elegant foyer that seem to merge due to the large glassed facade framed by smooth, white solid further accentuate the volumetric composition giving the building a unique character of modernity that places as the Complex’s dominant motive. Each one of the buildings that make up the complex has a minimalist typology which relates them achieving the unit of the parts into a whole characterized by elemental geometry and white walls contrasting with aluminum, steel, tinted green glass and concrete, but while retaining their individuality. Is important to mention the close relationship between the complex and nature because it has 3 ha for ecological reserve, and the built surface it’s decorated with trees, palm trees, flowers and shrubs that give life to the complex. Undoubtedly, this ambitious project marks a milestone in the cultural history of Puebla, and today, it´s quality is distinctive and pride of our Institution. The University Cultural Complex is a concept, an experiential space that breaks the traditional way to see the culture and art.


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    Gran obra, esperemos que las instalaciones de las facultades de la universidad estén mejor. LEMO
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    Hermoso nuestro Complejo Cultural. Orgullosamente BUAP
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    I've visited this space, in addition to its beautiful architecture, I was impressed to see it so full of life, people love to spend their free time in this place. I vote for this project!!!
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