University campus of the Valle d'Aosta

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MCA was assigned by the New University Valdostana to perform the restoration and processing on a total area of 56,302 sqm of the ex military Barracks Testafochi. The area of intervention is limited into an important and crucial part of the urban area, thus the challenge to face the concept of campus, so as to meet all functional requirements (The university will have to be able to host 2000 students) and simultaneously, to be highly recognizable as a Landmark of the contemporary city of Aosta. The new intervention strengthens the cultural activities, increases the heritage of green areas, and creates a system integrating within the city.

In the university is privileged the organization of functions. Each building has, therefore, its functional autonomy. The general appearance of the building "wholly in cantilevered" combines lightness and transparency of shapes and materials. The entire complex has been developed with a thorough and careful research of energy efficiency.


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