UFA Cinema Center

  The urban design concept of the UFA Cinema Center confronts the issue of public space; currently endangered in European cities. This situation is caused by the financial insolvency of city governments, which forces the sale of public space to developers, who then propose monofunctional buildings in order to maximize capital return.
  By disintegrating the monofunctionality of these structures and adding urban functions to them, a new urbanity can arise in the city. This character of this urbanity would not only be determined by functional differentiation and the creation of new spatial sequences thereby, but also by the injection of media events.
  The design is characterized by two intricately interconnected building units: The Cinema Block, with eight cinemas and seating for 2600, and the Crystal, a glass shell which serves simultaneously as foyer and public square.   The interweaving of public squares, public interiors, and passageways was proposed as a way of energizing and densifying the new center of Dresden. The junctures between these urban vectors are defined as public spaces.   The Cinema Block opens up towards the street and is permeable for pedestrian traffic between Pragerstraße and St. Petersburger Straße. It is differentiated by the circulation system of the cinemas and by views through to St. Petersburger Straße.
  The project for the UFA Cinema Center is a result of the urban design concept developed for the planning competition Pragerstraße Nord. Pragerstraße was defined as a dynamic spatial sequence, defined by tangents and diagonals rather than by axis.   The UFA Cinema Center is located at one of these junctures; it is formulated as the urban connection between Pragerplatz and St. Petersburger Straße. Thereby The Cinema itself is thereby transfo...


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