Tyringham Hall

Tyringham Hall, (TEER-ing-um) is a green-domed building originally designed by Sir John Soane in 1792. It is located at Tyringham, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire.

Later additions by Edwin Lutyens in 1924 include the magnificent Bathing Pavilion, Temple of Music, Rose Garden and, purportedly, the largest pool in Western Europe (72m). Tyringham Hall stands in Lutyens’ formal laid out gardens with a tree-lined drive leading past the deer park to a gravel sweep in front of the house. The façade features stone columns with sphinx either side of the entrance porch leading to the reception rooms.

In 2001 Tyringham Hall was purchased by wealthy real estate heir Anton Bilton and his wife Lisa Barbuscia-Bilton. Since 2004 they have invested around £10 million in renovating Tyringham Hall.

Coordinates: 52°06′37″N 0°44′55″W / 52.110181°N 0.748541°W / 52.110181; -0.748541