Turku Airport
Turku Airport ( IATA: TKU, ICAO: EFTU), is located 3.8 NM (7.0 km; 4.4 mi) north of Turku, Finland. It serves approximately 350,000 passengers per year, being the fourth biggest (by number of passengers) airport in Finland. The airport has a secondary passenger terminal specifically designed for low-cost airlines. There is a logistic concept LogiCity to create a logistic hub around Turku Airport, in where all ways of cargo transportation can be connected together in same area. From 1 September in 2008 TNT Airways made Turku Airport as its logistic hub for its Finnish operations.

Logicity is project of Pilot Turku Ltd (founded in 2003) which is promoting logistic operations in the Turku region. Logicity will be a logistic hub built around Turku Airport. Plan is to link the different modes of transport together which is possible by the three following facts, Turku Airport is just 20 minutes reach by two significant sea ports the Port of Turku and the Port of Naantali which combined values are comparable to the Port of Vuosaari in Helsinki, Both E18 highway to St. Petersburg and E63 to Tampere go via Turku Airport, and also rail transport connection to Russia and China is located Logicity area. Pilot Turku describers Turku Region as "the meeting point of the East, the West and the Nordic countries" and as "the multimodal transport centre of the Nordic Triangle". Logicity is estimated to make at least 3,000 to 5,000 new jobs. The length of runway at Turku airport will be upgraded to 3,000 m (9,843 ft) to meet new demands. There are many plans set in the nearby area: new roads, commercial centres, retail parks, industrial estates, logistic terminals and offices. In fact there is already big commercial area along with the E18 ring road just few kilometers away. Logicity is planned in two phases which of phase one allows now to build 400,000 m 2 (4,305,564 sq ft) of floorspace and second phase will raise it to 1,000,000 m 2 (11,000,000 sq ft). Many neighboring towns are involved in the project as shareholders of Pilot Turku e.g. Kaarina, Lieto, Naantali and Turku.

Turku airport was Finland's first airport when it was built in Artukainen in 1935. It served as the main airport of Turku until the new airport was built on the current location in 1955.

Turku Airport ( Turun lentoasema in Finnish; Åbo flygstation in Swedish) is also a district in the Maaria-Paattinen ward of Turku. The district has a population of 127 (as of 2004), and an annual growth of 0.79%. 22.05% of the district's population are under 15 years old, while 16.54% are over 65. The district's linguistic makeup is 92.13% Finnish, 0.79% Swedish, and 7.09% other.

Transport Connections

by bus
The bus number 1 departs from the airport in every 20 minutes. You can buy your ticket on board and it is valid for next two hours in all local buses inside the city borders. Bus number 1 goes via the Market Square (Kauppatori, local bus centre) to the port of Turku in which there are excellent connections to Stockholm with Baltic Sea cruiseferries ( Ruotsinlaiva). The bus route 1 operates from 05:20 to 00:50. Last bus from airport waits extra 10 minutes if needed.

Airlines and destinations

Cargo airlines



Freight and Mail

Airlines Destinations Terminal airBaltic Oulu, Riga 1 Blue1 Stockholm-Arlanda 1 Finnair operated by Finncomm Airlines Helsinki 1 Finncomm Airlines Helsinki Seasonal: Kittilä 1 Iberworld Las Palmas 1 Scandinavian Airlines Copenhagen 1 Scandinavian Airlines operated by Cimber Sterling Copenhagen 1 Turku Air Mariehamn 1 Wizz Air Budapest, Gdansk 2 Airlines Destinations DHL Aviation Leipzig/Halle EXEL TNT Airways Gothenburg, Liège, Malmö, Tallinn, Riga Turku Air Annual passenger statistics for Turku Airport Year Domestic passengers International passengers Total passengers Change 2006 127,582 212,338 339,920 +3.6% 2007 130,666 178,116 308,782 -9.2% 2008 102,003 216,094 318,097 +3.0% 2009 90 746 187 275 278 021 -12.6% 2010 104 533 252 726 357 259 +28.5% Loaded/Unloaded freight and mail (tons) Turku Airport Year Domestic freight Domestic mail International freight International mail Total freight and mail Change 2006 132 260 2883 3 3278 +9,8% 2007 50 102 3304 3 3459 +5,5% 2008 43 0 4650 1 4695 +35,7% 2009 157 0 6761 0 6919 +47,4% 2010 72 0 6988 0 7061 +2,1%

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