Tuft's Cove Generating Station

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Tuft's Cove Generating Station

Tufts Cove Generating Station is a Canadian electrical generating station located in the Dartmouth neighbourhood of Tufts Cove in Nova Scotia's Halifax Regional Municipality.

A thermal generating station, Tufts Cove was constructed in 1965, requiring the demolition of part of this historic neighbourhood to locate the facility on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour. The plant replaced the venerable Water Street Generating Station that had been opened by the Halifax Electric Tramway in 1902.

Operated by Nova Scotia Power (NSPI), the Tufts Cove Generating Station has a generating capacity of 415 megawatts. Tufts Cove #1 was installed in 1965 with dual fuel capability to burn "Bunker C" heavy fuel oil and coal mined by the Cape Breton Development Corporation. In 1972 Tufts Cove #1 was converted to fire only oil at the same time as Tufts Cove #2 (oil only) was commissioned. Tufts Cove #3 (also oil only) was commissioned in 1976. The sole reliance on fuel oil proved to be an unfortunate decision in the light of the record increase in oil prices throughout the 1970s. The plant property occupies almost 1,000 m (3,300 ft) of shoreline. A docking facility was constructed in 1976-1977 as well as a storage tank. The plant features three distinctive 150-metre chimneys, one for each boiler. In 2000, the Tufts Cove plant was re-fitted to burn either oil or natural gas.

Emissions from the station in the form of particulates are a frequent source of pollution complaints in the neighbourhood and region, and in the 1990s, NSPI funded a $32 million project to install filters to limit the escape of pollutants.

In 2003 and 2004, two 47.3 MW simple cycle natural gas fueled combustion turbine plants were commissioned. The Halifax lateral of the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline terminates on the property.