Tudor Arms Apartments
The nineteenth-century-revival Tudor/ Jacobethan style architecture was designed by noted Portland architect Carl L. Linde. The exterior is brick with decorative white glazed terra cotta lintels. An archway bearing the building's name marks the entrance into a landscaped courtyard. The leaded glass entry opens into a grand foyer paneled with mahogany wainscoting and underscored with marble flooring. Individual apartments have hardwood floors and original mill work. A plaque in the building states, "It is reported that Bugsy Siegel and Mickey Cohen, two of America's most famous gangsters, hid out in room #308 at the Tudor Arms Apartments for several months during the winter of 1946-1947 during a nationwide manhunt for them after they were indicted for racketeering in Los Angeles." This claim is not sourced and is dubious: through the autumn and winter of 1946, Siegel was very active in Las Vegas preparing for the December opening of the Flamingo Las Vegas. Located in Northwest or Nob Hill District, an area zoned for historic preservation, adjacent to the Pearl District and Downtown Portland, the building was converted to condominiums in 2006. In order to maintain its historical status most of its original features have been preserved.

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