Tuborg Sundpark

Urban apartments surrounded by water
A development enveloped by a blue view and green surroundings, close to the city.

A white housing complex by the Øresund coast which utilises the view and the water as active players.

Tuborg Nord is an old industrial zone which in recent years has been developed into an exciting and varied urban environment with a mixture of shops, offices, housing and outdoor areas. To the east of this, like an island separated from the mainland by a canal, lies a peaceful residential area surrounded by water on all sides. Tuborg Sundpark consists of four white, five-storey residential wings which together frame the view of the Sound.

The plan's simplicity is reflected in its architectural form language, which, using few instruments, creates simple white buildings in which the light and the view are vital factors. Here you can enjoy the sun and the view of the water on your terrace, go for a walk along the promenade, or chat to your neighbours in the common garden.

The facades alternate between glass sections and white-painted brick. The large glass panels on the balcony are recessed in relation to the white-painted brick facades; an alternation between light and heavy sections which creates variation and gives the facades a highly graphic appearance.

All of the living-rooms span the width of the building and are thus very bright, boasting a view on both sides. The living-rooms have glass panels from floor to ceiling, and thereby provide an uninterrupted view of the blue sea and the green gardens. The apartments are equipped with transparent window walls on both the entry and garden side. The apartments on the ground floor have terraces on the garden side.

Car parking is on an underground level, thereby avoiding disruption of the social interaction at ground level.
The development is enveloped by a blue view and green surroundings, close to the city.


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