Tschuggen Berg Oase

Wellness centre Tschuggen Bergoase Arosa offers an extraordinary geographic configuration of natural bowl surrounded by mountains. A place where the comparison between man and nature is constantly emphasized by the powerful landscape and the ancestral fight between man and mountain is evident.         The site for the new structure Berg Oase, next to the great hotel, is characterized as a free space and a park at the foot of the mountain. We imagined to build without building, to assert the presence of the new through the emergent parts and to leave interred the great volume with the functional program. The cover of the hypogeal spaces becomes a “stage” with geometric vegetal presences that rouse the visitor’s curiosity.         This particular context therefore suggested us an intriguing solution of visual impact but, above all, of great respect for the surrounding village. The great volume disappears into the earth; only the vegetal and, at the same time, mechanical “trees” emerge, marking the recreational and collective character of the structure. The inner space appears as a terraced continuum with the slope, in order to limit the excavation works.         Further to the client’s indications, the modular design allows the maximum flexibility in the organization of the different functions. The areas of the "Berg Oase" are characterized by their interrelation and their privileged relationship with the environment by means of technological trees that guarantee natural lighting, an extraordinary sight towards the landscape and become signals of the internal life at night through the artificial illumination that gives to the whole resort a magic atmosphere. The interior space is divided into four floors.


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