Trustmark Park

Trustmark Park is the home of the Mississippi Braves, Class AA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves and is located in Pearl, Mississippi, USA. The ballpark, which opened April 18, 2005, has capacity for nearly 7,500 fans. There are 5,500 chair-back seats in the reserved seating areas. The grass berm beyond the outfield walls has room for an additional 2,000 general admission customers. On August 13, 2006 a record crowd of 7,652 saw the M-Braves defeat the Huntsville Stars 4-2. The largest crowd to ever see a game at the park was the 2007 Governor's Cup in which 8,012 fans watched the Mississippi State Bulldogs defeat the Ole Miss Rebels 14-9.

Trustmark Park features a 360-degree concourse that allows fans to circle the playing field without missing a pitch. The ballpark is in a recessed bowl with seating starting at the main level and proceeding downward. All support facilities face outward onto the concourse, thus spectators can leave their seats and not be separated from the game action.

Red bricks and exposed steel trusses reflect the feel of a historic ballpark, with modern-day conveniences. The scoreboard located behind the left-center-field wall includes a 16-foot-tall (4.9 m) and 21-foot-wide (6.4 m) video board that features everything from live action to instant replay to commercials.

The Farm Bureau Grill, beyond the right-field wall, is a full-service restaurant with a capacity for 200 customers. There are nine baseball-themed Concession stands that offer a wide variety of ballpark treats.

Twenty-two luxury suites that seat between 16 and 20 fans are equipped with hardwood floors, a bar, flat screen TV, refrigerator and sliding doors that open up to two rows of seats.

The ballpark also includes the Alltel picnic pavilion, 150 closed-circuit monitors positioned around the park televising the game, two merchandise shops, and a kids play area beyond the center-field wall.

The field dimensions are 330 feet (100 m) down the left-field line, 332 feet (101 m) down the right-field line, and 400 feet (120 m) to center-field. The playing surface is peppered with a maze of underground pipelines capable of draining up to 10 inches (250 mm) of rain every hour.

The ballpark derives it name from the sale of naming rights to Trustmark Corporation, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi.

Coordinates: 32°16′26″N 90°08′53″W / 32.27391°N 90.147969°W / 32.27391; -90.147969